What Can I Do in Groups

Groups are a great way of gathering like-minded members. We have several types of groups, each with its own function. It is up to the owner of a group to decide on its purpose and type. Feel free to create of join one the

Group Types

Open – group and content visible to all site members – anyone can join

Closed – group visible to all – must be accepted – content visible to only group members

Secret – group and content only visible to group members – must be invited

Group Features Overview

  • Search for groups you may be interested in
  • Interact with other members with similar interests
  • Join groups
  • Create groups as the owner/admin
  • Be invited to be a group moderator
  • Invite others to join the group
  • Search and connect/friend other members of groups
  • Post content and images in groups
  • Post video, audio, and share live streams from other platforms
  • Create and share polls
  • Comment and react (like, love, applaud, etc.)
  • Tag other group members in posts
  • Add hashtags to postings
  • Save postings
  • Sort postings
  • Search postings
  • Set your group notification preferences

Group Owners/Admins

As a group owner/admin/ moderator you’ll be able to:

  • Set the direction and tone of the group
  • Establish the group branding/identity – group name, description, avatar, and cover image
  • Set the group visibility to open, closed, or private (secret)
  • Invite others to the group
  • If a closed group approve or reject requests to join
  • Remove group members
  • Block members
  • Moderate group content
  • Message group members – even if not direct friends

Invite Users to Groups

Group owner and managers can invite users to group by clicking invite button at the header of the group page.

Invite dialog will show up, you can search for users and invite them there. Press the link “Invite to Group” below their profile card.

The invited member receives a notification.

People who receive an invitation have two options when going to the group: “Accept” and “Reject”.